05/19/2017 Visit Billion at Computex Taipei, May 30th~June 3rd

It’s two weeks away from the world’s leading B2B ICT/IoT(Internet of Things) tradeshow - Computex Taipei. We sincerely invite you to join this amazing exhibition and witness the most cutting-edge technologies!

Enterprise Indoor/Outdoor 4G/LTE Router Series
Billion’s new series of 4G/LTE WiFi CPE router, BiPAC 4400 Series, supports 3G/4GLTE, dual-band wireless, auto failover, and VoIP functionalities, providing high-speed internet for home/SoHo and telecommunication users. Billion also launches 4GLTE MiFi router, serving as a portable WiFi Hotspot which allows simultaneous Internet access for up to 10 electronic devices.

Billion BiPAC 4700 series supports the 4G/LTE, dual-polarized, MIMO antenna and IP67 enclosure, which can maximize LTE service coverage during the extreme outdoor environments. Supporting powerful VPN, the series allows users to establish private encrypted tunnels between sites to ensure secured data transmission.

M2M IoT Industrial Router Series
Designed for In-Vehicles applications, Billion M500 features dual 4GLTE, multi WANs, and Wi-Fi access point, delivering robust and blistering internet connectivity and Wi-Fi hotspot service in rail train, smart bus, and fleet management applications. Supporting GPS/GLONASS and ignition sensing functionality, M500 can track the real-time vehicle status, driving route, and drivers’ condition and transfer the monitoring data back to control console without interruption.

Integrating with 4GLTE broadband, fast Ethernet, RS-232 serial interface, VPN, auto failover, multi-WAN, and EWAN, Billion M100 is a high-performance industrial-grade router. Certified by UL Class I Division II, M100 enables secured and reliable connectivity in various industrial applications including PoS, ATM, retail/chain stores and Oil & Gas field.

Upgrade City with Billion LCMS and SEMS
Collaborating with smart meters, smart IoT gateway, environmental sensors and cloud computing technologies, Billion SEMS is a centralized management platform which enables real-time monitoring and troubleshooting of electric appliances for commercial, industrial and residential applications to further optimize equipment productivity. 

Supporting PLC/ZigBee/WiFi/3G 4GLTE communication protocols, Billion LCMS reveals instant streetlight information on a web-based interface. Incorporating with temperature/humidity, PM 2.5, and luminance sensors, LCMS allows users to set up multiple dimming and scheduling instructions and supports various value-added smart city applications such as IP-Camera, streetlight billboard, and public signage.

String-Level PV Solar Monitoring
Billion watts Pixel View can optimize the power generation of your solar farm with high-precision string-level monitoring capability. Integrating with DC 2/4/8/10/12/16 string meters, AC meters and smart gateway, Pixel View can identify the location of underperforming solar strings and deliver automatic alert for failure detection and diagnosis with simple and scalable O&M strategy to ensure the best solar yield of all times.

Computex Billion Booth 
Time:  May 30th~June 3rd

Venue: Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition, TWTC Hall 1, Taipei, Taiwan
Booth: A1119

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Show Review
The event attracted more than 41,000 visitors, mostly from Thailand, Russia, Vietnam, India, and Indonesia. Many system integrators, telecom buyers, and distributors were asking our M2M IoT, and new 4G LTE CPE router series. Different from last year, we exhibited the Billion Watts - the PV string-level monitoring system, hoping to improve brand awareness of our new smart IoT PV solution in Taiwan.