08/14/2015 Mobile POS System and HotSpot Internet Delivered to Remote Areas with Billion’s Outdoor 3G/4G Router

Designed to provide an instant POS setup for mobile store applications, Billion’s outdoor 3G/4G LTE router, BiPAC 4700ZU, provides powerful 3G/4G LTE and VPN supporting instant POS setup where there is no fixed line internet connection. With a connected WiFi access point, this outdoor 3G/4G LTE router can serve as a cost-effective WiFi Hotspot bringing internet services to all portable devices.

Working for both LOS (Line of Sight) and NLOS (Non-Line of Sight) environments, BiPAC 4700ZU features optimal MIMO antenna per LTE band to maximize the transmission bandwidth and significantly expand LTE wireless coverage. BiPAC 4700ZU is completely water and dust resistant and can operate in the harshest environments, ranging from hot deserts to snowy high-altitude regions (IP67 for -40°C to 60°C/-40°F to 140°F).

In mobile stores applications, the superior VPN provided by BiPAC 4700ZU allows the store owners to process customers’ credit card information with data encryption. This LTE outdoor router can establish VPN connections to the central unit where business main server is located. Because of local legislation, the POS system has to set up an internet connection with the Government Finance Department (Ministry of Finance). With the above configuration, the secure credit card access of POS system can be setup instantly.

Once connected to a WiFi access point, BiPAC 4700ZU becomes a WiFi HotSpot bringing the Internet to all users within a school, sport, stadium, theme park, residential community, or any public infrastructure. BiPAC 4700ZU can operate in a dynamic outdoor landscape by offering industrial-grade IP 67 hardware, solid VPN, an uninterrupted 3G/4G LTE wireless, and providing convenient WiFi HotSpot service when pairing with a WiFi access point.

“BiPAC 4700ZU will transform the mobile store business by upgrading its transaction from traditional money exchange to instant credit card purchase. It will create an incredible convenience to both the store owners and customers”, remarked by William Lee, Senior Product Line Manager of Networking Division at Billion Electric. “WiFi HotSpot is a cost-effective 3G/4G LTE service alternative for users whose mobile devices are not registered with a 3G or 4G LTE SIM card. We can help students or community residents save up tremendous costs spent on purchasing monthly 3G or 4G LTE internet plans”.

Billion Electric Co., Ltd. (, TAIEX: 3027, trading as Billion) is a global ICT solution and networking CPE provider. We enhance
live and the environment through placing ourselves as a sustainable corporation and a service-oriented partner. BEC Technologies, the U.S. subsidiary of Billion Electric, is nominated as the top brand of high-quality outdoor 3G/4G LTE VPN routers by the local Internet and Telco service providers in 2015. Billion’s over 900 employees are committed to providing the optimal values and the quality of products to our current and future customers.

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