11/08/2016 Billion unveils PoS (Point-of-Sales) and Chain Stores M2M Solutions

Billion Chain Store and Retail Solution
Billion unveils PoS (Point-of-Sales) and Chain Stores M2M Solutions supporting Failover/Failback with VDSL2/ADSL2+ and 3G/4G-LTE backup

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Billion Electric, the leading developer of M2M and Enterprise networking solutions, today announces the new series of M2M routers, including M100, BiPAC 7820NZ, BiPAC 8920NZ, that support dual WANs and powerful VPN encryption with Failover/Failback between dual WANs to meet the transmission stability and data security requirement for Kiosks, PoS, Chain Stores, Retails, and ATM applications.
Designed for PoS and Kiosks which locate at rural areas with hazardous weathers and temperatures, Billion M100, a compact industrial M2M router, can sustain -20 to 60º C (-4 to 140º F) and feature a flexible input voltage range of 9-56V DC. Operators can utilize the Failback/Failover functionality between Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and 3G/4G LTE wireless to acquire instant approvals from transaction authorization agency. Customer data security can also be protected by with M100's advanced IPSec/PPTP/L2TP/GRE/OpenVPN mechanism.
BiPAC 7820NZ and BiPAC 8920NZ are two robust Dual-SIM 3G/4G LTE Embedded V/ADSL2+ routers, allowing
PoS,ChainStores and Retail Owners to insert 2 SIM cards from two different operators; when one operator’s connection fails, Billion’s routers can automatically pick up the second operator’s connection to provide an always on-line wireless transmission. Disaster and data recovery are concurrently supported by the Failback & Failover between A/VDSL and 3G/4G LTE.
  • Credit card payments and merchandise updates made through the EPOS system can be assured of data security with VPN channel and automatic failover/fallback between DSL/EWAN and 3G/4G LTE WAN interfaces.
  • Email alter once failover or fallback instantly is activated
“As the Internet penetration is increasingly rising, business is now more conscious about the importance of cyber security and networking reliability than before. With Billion's solutions, business owners can enjoy the smooth transaction experience without the fear of connection inconsistency. We successfully help our clients strengthen their commercial competitiveness and operation management, as well as 
unlock new revenue-generating potential.”, said Ben Chen, Senior Product Line Manager of Networking Communication Division, Billion Electric Co.

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