05/15/2015 Billion Electric Transforms Fleet Management and Public Safety with M2M Solution

Billion Electric Corp., a global ICT (Information and Communication Technology) leader in providing comprehensive portfolios of cellular CPE and advanced network communications solutions, today unveils its innovative 4G LTE M2M router integrating GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and Dual SIM to boost the connectivity of fleet management and enable real-time video streaming between public safety agencies. Billion is recruiting companies who provide management software or cloud software for Fleet Management or Public Safety to join a win-win business partnership.

Identifying a solution is needed to protect valuable assets and maintain high data transmission efficiency, Billion launches its robust 4G LTE router- M1000 to worldwide software service providers. The innovative M2M communication breakthrough can be easily integrated with any fleet management software or cloud software. From GPS and GLONASS tracking, monitoring vehicle status to enhanced streamline system, Billion M1000 significantly reduces the gaps between responsive times, minimizes property and detects slowing and stopping motions as well as fatigued-driving. This way, controllers can remotely pause speeding vehicles, ensure the driver's safety, and record UBI (Usage Base Insurance) data.

Billion M1000 also supports on-board diagnostics (OBD) to ease the central control of geographically-dispersed fleets by presenting individual vehicles' detailed status and locations. Also to the deployment of Dual 4G LTE modules and Dual SIMs, M1000 broadens wireless coverage to rough terrains and rural areas and persists seamless connectivity without interruptions. With all the private fleet management data stored and accessible on a single server, service providers could more effectively manage fleet activities specific to their broadband services and offer outstanding reliability and mobility.

Additional benefits include image and data transmission between agencies as well as high interoperability that supports communication interfaces: Gigabit Ethernet, USB, and Wi-Fi. When immediate communication is essential during the times of emergency, M1000 boosts the efficiency of public safety by delivering telemetry diagnostics to acquire first-handed medical assistance from responders. Ambulance staffs can also syndicate real-time injury image and video with the emergency centers before patients arrive at the hospitals, minimizing medical execution time and reducing permanent damages caused to the patients.

"The increasing popularity of M2M progressively encourages the development of advanced network solution that meets the niche demand for M2M business," says Ted Ho, the CTO of Billion Electric Co. Ltd. "LTE is the future of internet communication by providing significant bandwidth and reliable connectivity to support video and data service, which are unable to achieve via the old 2G and 3G. Not only fleet management and public safety can be benefitted by having an increased operational efficiency, LTE also mainly optimizes the system productivity and yield of industrial automation, financial segment, and energy (oil, gas, and mining)”.

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