03/03/2015 Billion Electric Brings Concrete Wireless Broadband Security to Voice-over-IP

Billion Electric Co. Ltd. (TAIEX: 3027), a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of advanced network solutions, today releases the first broadband 4G LTE VoIP router integrated IPSec VPN (Virtual Private Network) to provide ultra security to internet phone calls.

The modern Internet advancement has brought tremendous benefits to human communications by offering accelerated data transmission rate and improved network coverage. VoIP (Voice-over-Internet-Protocols), bringing voice over broadband internet connections instead of regular phone lines, benefits users by providing unlimited free dealings with local, long distance, mobile, and international numbers. However, the rising online privacy issue has drawn people’s attention to the new voice over internet technology. Noticing a niche market of demands of advanced wireless routers that can provide secured and safe VoIP, Billion integrates IPSec VPN (Virtual Private Network) in BiPAC 4500VNOZ to build private, encrypted internet protocols over the public network and to protect voice transmission between headquarters and branch offices.

BiPAC 4500 series are advanced 4G LTE wireless 11n broadband routers embedded with a built-in LTE module, Gigabit LAN, and Ethernet WAN interface, offering high-speed wireless up to 300Mbps for fast internet connections. BiPAC 4500VNOZ, added the distinct VPN security mechanism, is an outperforming VoIP router that allows home, SOHO, and office users to make secured, free calls on computers, laptops, mobiles, and telephones; it also features 2 FXS ports that allow long distance and simultaneous calls between multiple users.

Commenting on the new 4G LTE router BiPAC 4500 series, William Lee, Senior Sales Director of Communication Division at Billion Electric Co. Ltd, said “We foresee an exponential growth of VoIP requiring wireless security as people start to alternate traditional telephone calls with this cost-efficient internet telephony; BiPAC 4500VNOZ is another brilliant innovation of Billion by bringing outstanding privacy to protect the transmission of online vocal communication”.

Billion is currently recruiting channel partnerships with worldwide distributors, resellers, sales agents, value-added service providers, system integrators, ISPs, and networking operators to establish a win-win business opportunity. To request a sample or demo, please contact Elaine Chen or visit


Billion Electric Co., Ltd. (, TAIEX: 3027, trading as Billion) is technology pioneer providing a complete portfolio of network communication products, including Fiber/xDSL/Cable/3G/4G LTE broadband internet routers/gateways for home, SoHo, and enterprise users.

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