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Professional Solar Energy Monitor System 

We introduce a complete, analytic, and 100% secured smart web-based PV Solar Monitoring Solution - Billion Watts™, that will shift your traditional solar energy monitor system to a whole new era. 
  • Complete Solar Energy Monitoring System
  • Monitor detailed solar energy generation down to String level
  • Compatible with all brands of inverters and solar modules
  • Cost efficient solar energy monitor system and significant reduction of O&M cost

Terminate the Damage of Shadow Effect

General solar energy generation systems are combined with various solar modules in series to achieve sufficient voltage, and then connect the series in parallel.  The inverter converts the power to the load, but if any of the solar modules in series is partially shielded, the output characteristics will change, and the power generation efficiency will be reduced, that is called “the shadow effect.

Any shade, such as dust, bird droppings, adjacent building shadows, etc., will result in a substantial decline in solar power generation system. When the shade is severe, the same group of solar modules will have almost zero power output. We can grasp an in-depth insight into each key PV convergence box and inverter and set our screening conditions to protect the power plant efficiency during solar energy collection and convergence process. With the online color management, Billion Watts can pinpoint the series or parallel location of different types of failures to make the power plant operation and maintenance extremely effortless, efficient. 
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The Essence of Solar Energy Monitor System 

Solar energy monitor, different from the general system of data recording and statistics, can further collect more detailed information on electricity with expert analysis and utilization, then convert into a simple, concrete action instructions.

Dynamic Functional Configuration Meets Every Management Need
Billion Watts can satisfy the need for local monitoring, remote monitoring, cross-regional and groups monitoring, as well as remote service support with troubleshooting functions. We provide one-stop solar energy monitor solution for investors, owners, consultants, power plant management, operation and maintenance personnel, etc., who can leverage our technologies to create their unique values.

Advanced Management with User-Defined Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Filter
For investors, owners, banks, consultants:
Through the “Substation Comparison" function, a quick understanding of the relevant performance of the power plant data can be set at any time when we want to compare the efficiency of various power plant groups.
The categories include the density of sunshine, the amount of DC electricity generation, the amount of AC power generation, DC PR value, AC PR value, the efficiency per kilowatt power, and performance & efficiency ranking.

For Site Managers, Technical Operation, and Maintenance Personnel:
By examining the “Site Plan”, “Strings Information”, “Strings Chart”, and the most critical “Maintenance Operation” functions, we can quickly learn the power generation data gathered from the most front-end and the most basic power generation.
We can set filter conditions in the “Site Plan” to automatically review data and make judgments. By utilizing the online color floor management platform, Billion Watts can enable an ever efficient power plants operation and maintenance for site managers.
Precise Wide Temperature PV Serial Monitoring 
PV Serial & Parallel Monitoring Key Technology
Solar DC 2 Strings Meter 
Solar DC 4 Strings Meter
Solar DC 8 Strings Meter SG3208(S) Solar DC 12 Strings Meter 
Solar DC 16 Strings Meter SG3216(S)

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