Smart Energy

Energy Saving Solution

Innovative Energy Management Solutions using Cloud Intelligence and Big Data Analysis

The process of energy management and data collection is often labor-intensive and prone to errors, leaving businesses struggling to collate figures and diagnose problem areas accurately. We integrate our power and communication know-how to a series of diverse Smart Energy Management Solutions, promoting the importance of functionality simplicity and environmental sustainability. From small offices, retail stores, giant factory plants to geographically-dispersed commercial buildings, we aim to help your clients discover the hidden opportunities to improve system productivity and maximize the performance of electrical appliances.
We adopt the latest IoT (Internet of Things) by connecting metering devices to the powerful cloud computing technology and provide data-driven recommendations on the changes of energy usages behaviors. Acting as the safeguard of our customers' utility and facility assets, our goal is to bring visibility to all energy consumptions by offering our clients an analytic breakdown of their energy activities. By this way, we can fully optimize the operational efficiency of your electrical facilities and to manage the power consumption of different types of business at only a slight cost with a guaranteed lifetime ROI (Return on Investment) result. 


Enterprise Level and Professional Management System

Expandable and flexible energy management structure
Categorized authorization to view different degrees of energy activities


Simple, Convenient, Accessible

Automatically update and transfer energy consumption data onto the cloud
Instant alarm notification summarizes and records system abnormalities


Blazingly Fast Analysis and System Diagnosis on Energy Consumption

Accurately grasp the key factors that consume the most energy
Use Big Data to serve as your energy performance Indicator (EnPI)



Intelligent Energy Control with Energy Saving and User Friendliness

Dynamic demand measurement
A smarter asset management
Cost effective maintenance assistant
Increases operational efficiency

Versatile Energy Management Solutions Catered to