Over the past 20 years, we have been providing over hundred million sets of CPE equipment, providing reliable, safe, secure, and comprehensive networking solutions for international telecom carriers, enterprise, and home users. Ranging from wired to wireless broadband routers, we offer our users a cost-efficient and high efficient networking solution with advanced functionalities, eliminating the need for purchasing additional networking devices. 

Billion M2M (Machine-to-Machine) Industrial Router Series

The latest Billion M2M series, specifically designed for commercial and industrial vertical markets, including energy, financial services, fleet management, smart buses, public safety, emergency medical, rural areas, and digital advertising. We offer a rugged, industrial grade LTE broadband router embedded with full mobility and extensive features, including dual LTE interfaces, WiFi hotspots, GPS, and vibration resistance. Billion M2M series provides 4G / LTE high-speed Internet connection in a moving vehicle and can support real-time IP camera monitoring and instant video streaming capabilities. In addition to the Billion M2M series, we also offer outdoor fixed wireless router with optimal broadband antennas that can operate in the harshest and challenge outdoor environments.

SoHo, Business and Outdoor 4G/LTE Router Series

Also, we also provide a range of enterprise level 4G / LTE products and solutions, featuring ultra-fast Internet speed with enhanced information security for business users, SOHO users, system integrators, chain stores, and banking companies. Our 4G/LTE routers obtain dual SIM slots to support ISP backup, IPSec VPN to drive high-speed encryption functionality, and a comprehensive Giga interface design that can connect to the high-speed fiber-optic network immediately to boost the efficiency of office workflows. At the same time, we also provide CPE for VDSL / ADSL2 integrated with 4G LTE network backup service to ensure that your vital link is always online.

In-Home Broadband xDSL & GPON Router Series 

To meet the interests of our majority of home users, we also provide in one (VDSL, ADSL3G / 4G LTE, Fiber, Ethernet WAN) multifunctional Internet access device, supporting worldwide carriers to efficiently deliver Internet services. With the integration of various LAN interfaces (Giga LAN, 802.11b / g / n /ac, VoIP, USB) in one unit, home users can easily and quickly set up their Internet area to enjoy high-speed IP TV streaming and realistic online gaming experience. Asides from the broadband Internet-connected devices, we also provide a variety of broadband routers with advanced network security features (VPN, Firewall). Software multiples on hardware, creating the state-of-art CPE that worldwide Internet service providers and telecommunications operators can utilize to offer different multimedia services to their end customers.