Nemont Telephone

Nemont Telephone Cooperative, headquartered in Scobey, Montana, overs its 22,000+ customers a variety of high-speed Internet services via DSL, fiber and 4G LTE. To maintain the highest quality of service and customer satisfactionsNemont selected BEC’s 7800TNR2 5-port wireless multi-service gateway for both DSL and FTTH services. BEC 7800TNR2’s - DSL AP Series ease of conguration and flexible installation options considerably help to reduce the support burden of Nemont’s technical teams. 

 Nemont began oering mobile broadband services via 4G LTE to their business and residential customers. Nemont realizes a fundamental technical requirement for mobile broadband service was maintaining a stable cellular connectivity. That is the reason Nemont have chosen the BEC 6200WZL (BiPAC 4700ZUL) Cellular Router, a high capacity residential and business broadband router that leverages the latest 4G LTE technology and BEC’s single SX-7 antennagains distribution technology to increase and stabilize its mobile data coverage. Nemont Telephone and its wireless subsidiary Sagebrush Cellular are in the process of deploying BEC’s 4G LTE cellular routers to remote locations to improve the quality of service.
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