Bug Tussel

Bug Tussel Wireless, based in Green Bay Wisconsin, overs high-speed internet & security services to rural customers in over 20 counties throughout central & southern Wisconsin. Bug Tussel’s hometown door-to-door marketing approach has been very successful, providing local independent sales agents to over various internet and security service packages over 3G/4G -xed wireless networks.

Recently Bug selected BEC’s 6200WZL - BiPAC 4700ZUL series of 3G and 4G LTE broadband gateways for their deployment of high-speed internet services. The 6200WZL - BiPAC 4700ZUL provided robust availability of internet services to rural customers and had an optimized antenna design to signicantly increase coverage areas for customers.

Bug Tussel Wireless and BEC are cooperatively working together to innovate further the management and automation of devices. Also, several sites will be upgraded from 3G to 4G in the future to increase the bandwidth to keep up with the customer demand for more! These are a couple of things being done to continue creating a superior customer internet experience for rural customers in Wisconsin.

For more information about Bug Tussel  
see //www.bugtusselwireless.com.

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