Triple Play Service

Background story
IPTV systems which deliver a wide variety of content including live television, internal broadcast, digital signage based on the logical Internet Protocols (IP) have become the main entertainment source since their commercialization. One of the main telecommunication carriers in Eastern Europe was looking for 4G/LTE networking solutions which can support Triple-Play service including Internet access, telephone, and television that 1000 households in the small suburban village can watch local TV channels via reliable internet connectivity even without the cable infrastructure. 
The local channels are supported by both IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) and satellite TV. Considering the high price, installation complexity, and signal reception limits of satellite TV, the households chose IPTV which offers a custom interface that displays content based on their preference, and they can stream everything from live TV to movies at any time. However, the stability of internet connection was often influenced by the terrain, buildings, walls, and even the weather conditions that the multicast channels will easily drop out from time to time.
Billion provides BiPAC 4500VNOZ4G/LTE SIM Embedded VoIP Wireless-N VPN Auto Failover Firewall Router to be installed in each household in the village. Featuring dual WAN, auto failover between EWAN and 3G/4G LTE, and powerful VPN, BiPAC 4500VNOZ delivers a seamless and secured internet connectivity for home, office and SOHO users. With an integrated 802.11n wireless access point, BiPAC 4500VNOZ delivers three times wireless coverage of an 802.11b/g network device and wireless speed up to 300Mbps.
BiPAC 4500VNOZ also supports VoIP functionality, allowing users to choose the most economical VoIP calls provided by different providers. To further strengthen the stability of data transmission, Billion customized outdoor antennas attaching to the device with 90° connectors and SMA connector to ensure a solid connection.   

“We greatly appreciate the Billion’s effort and dedication during the whole project by assessing the networking system carefully and providing solutions and customization to meet our needs. By utilizing BiPAC 4500VNOZ, we can effortlessly manage the network for 1000 households that they can enjoy the best IPTV, internet browsing and VoIP dialing experience without worrying about the network failure and system breakdown.” Said the Project Manager of telecommunication carrier in Eastern Europe.