Product Details

SG33XXX Series

  • Smart Solar monitoring PC Box
In the solar energy monitoring equipment, in order to facilitate maintenance and improve the reliability of equipment operation, we have provided a smart monitoring box that integrates all the equipments, just like the smart energy IoT routers(SG6300NZL / SG6300NXL) and Billion IP sharers (BiPAC 8900X R3 or others), Solaredge smart gateway (SE1000-CCG-G) and other monitoring and protection devices.
The box is made of IP65 anti-UV PC heat-resistant material, it have better corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and UV resistance. With all kinds of AC to DC power supplies, it can provide the DC Voltage (DC12V / DC24V) to the monitoring device, which helps to reduce the time cost and greatly enhance the efficiency.
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Key Features

  • IP65 Anti-UV PC Box ( 2 Box Size: 30x40x16、40x50x16 cm)
  • Configure waterproof connector
  • Moderate size and easy to install

Model No. Description

Main Monitor Devices set 


BiPAC 8900X R3




BiPAC 8900X R3 & 





Class of Accuracy (kWh.W.V.A)
@ TA 0~40°C
@ TA - 40~70°C
Measure Display
Total Current
Total Power
Total KWh
Each String Power
Each String Current
Technical Details
Rated Current
Rated Voltage
Settngs for no. & ID
Comm. Interface
Environment Temp
SPD Detection
Power Consumption
Working Temp
Dimension WxHxD

Example 1. SG3389X-34

Example 2. SG33CCG-34 


Example 3. SG338CG-45

Example 4. SG3363Z-34