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Billion SG3208S

  • Solar DC 8 Strings Meter
The Solar PV Strings Meter (DC Strings Meter) is capable of measuring 1~8 sets of strings of solar panel, and sum up the generated power & accumulated total power generation for up to 8 sets strings of solar panel. The Solar PV Strings Meter can also measure power generation of each string and real-time current, voltage and KWh. Through the RS-485 interfaces, users can remotely control and monitor the operating status of each string PV panel and analyze the collected data on the computing control system to optimize power generating performance. The Meter has wide service range, which can endure extended range of temperature and operate in a harsh environment with high accuracy and stability.
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Wide Voltage:40Vdc~1,000Vdc
Low Consumption:Below 1W (incl. loop voltage measuring
Wide Temp.:-40°C ~75°C
High Accuracy:Energy (kWh) & Power (W, Vdc, A) Measuring Precision
0.5%+0.5%FS(@ TA 0~40°C); 1%+0.5%FS(@ TA -40~70°C)
Wide Range Measurement
Voltage Range 40V~1,000V, Precision 0.1Vdc;
Current Range 0.1A~20A, Precision 0.01A;
Power Range 0.01kW~20kW, Precision 0.001kW;
Energy Range 0.1kWh~99,999kWh
Power Source:From outer 24~48Vdc supply.
Operation:Use DIP switches to choose from 1~254 for ID, and for combination no..

Class of Accuracy (kWh.W.V.A)
@ TA 0~40°C 0.5%+0.5%FS
@ TA - 40~70°C 1%+0.5%FS
Measure Display
Voltage 40Vdc~1,000Vdc
Total Current 0.1A~160A
Total Power 0.1kW~160kW
Total KWh 0.1kWh ~99,999 kWh
Each String Power 0.01kW~20kW
Each String Current 0.01A~20A
Technical Details
Rated Current Each 20A, Total Max. 160A
Rated Voltage 900Vdc
Settngs for no. & ID on-board setting DIP switches
Comm. Interface RS-485(Series)
Environment Temp Measure & Record Temp. -40 °C ~75 °C
SPD Detection 1 Red LED
Power Consumption 1W (external 24Vdc~48Vdc)
Working Temp -40°C~75°C,5%~95%RH
Dimension WxHxD 211.5 x 75.5 x 35.5(mm)